Tuesday, August 26, 2008

boats, rainbows and water

Oye what a weekend! It past way to quickly!

On Saturday we headed out first thing in the morning to Meag's first Dragon Boat Festival. It was awesome. She had a blast - and the team finished 2nd in the women's division and even got a cup! Tym thoroughly enjoyed watching the races and cheering on the different boats.

We left there before lunch to head home and pack up for the Dyke March. Which was a lot of fun as always. Meet up with Beth, Jesse, the girls and santiago and his moms. And marched out stroller posse down the street. It was fun hanging out with them and seeing everyone out and about. The kids loved playing in the park = and loved the now traditional gelato stop before heading home.

After 8 hours outside on Saturday we were all pretty tired. Come Sunday morning we were not doing any better. Tym woke up at 6. I could barely move and had a headache - clearly over did it on Saturday. Meag took Tym down to watch some TV. She could hardly move - her muscles were quite sore from boating. It was a pathetic site for awhile in our house. We took it pretty easy for most of the day.

Until we found a leak in the basement. In the afternoon it wasn't a huge leak - the wall that the electrical panel was on was wet. Another Co-op guy came and took a look - looked like maybe the outside tap - so we turned it off and didn't think much more about it. Until after supper, Scott was over and heard water running in the basement. Not a good sign! Rushing downstairs shows a huge gyser of water running over the wall and down the drain. Once the dishwasher was turned off - it stopped. Plumber was called. All lights and stuff turned off (considering the electircal panel was now soping wet!). The plumber of course could not duplicate what happened - could not find a single leak anywhere! So he left - we turned lights back on.

Apparently it was the external hose bib that was not tight. Now we just got to work with the co-op to replace the chiprock and insullation fixed (replaced) considering we don't see how it could all dry naturally without mold growing. Fun times for a Sunday night!

Oh - we also went to the museum and seen a Bob the Builder exhibit, which Tym loved! And went to the beach with Beth and the girls.
Overall a fun, but busy weekend!

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