Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Must Be Doing Something Right

Driving in the Loser Cruiser yesturday:

Tym: "Mummy? What's the name of the hospital I was born at?"

Meag: "Le Montfort Tym."

T: "Why?"

M: "Because that's where the Midwives could work"

T: "Why not the other hospitals?"

M: "I don't know Tym. Sometimes they can only work at certain hospitals."


T: "Well I don't like that. They should be able to work at ALL the hospitals so they can help the mama or mummy or doctor or daddy."

Huge grin on my face, heart swelling, tears forming....

M: "Tym, you are very right and very smart."

T: "I'm going to tell the doctor's that they have to share the hospital with the midwife."
I am uploading a whole bunch of pictures, seems as though we haven't uploaded since we got back from TX.

So a big weekend - we bought Tym a big girl bike with training wheels yesterday. She picked out the pink princes one. and loves it!! She almost understands driving it - it different driving something with brakes on the pedals! Seems as though we tried to stay away from pink/princesses we have a daughter who loves dresses, pink and princesses. However she'll be the toughest kid in the playground, and the dirtiest - in her lovely dress. What a combo!

She also picked out a tinkerbell floor mat for the van - it's quite cute!

She was telling us a joke lastnight -

Why was 10 afraid of 11?
Because eleven ate twelve.

She was so close to having it!! I tried to redo it with 7 8 9 - but she didn't get it. Oh she's cute!

everyone is quite happy with being able to go outside again. The parks. The fun. We cleaned off the deck and have had clothes drying on it for days, it's been lovely :) I enjoy this time of year the best. It's not to warm, there are not many bugs - but no coats :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The bunny has gone and gone - and we will be paying for many years! :)

We had a fantastic Friday - hopped a bus and went down to the market for the first time this year. Tym loves it down there, as do we. I found a Croc store... Oh my beating heart! A store, all for crocs! of course I bought a pair - can't wait for it to be nice so I can wear them :)

Mel and Laurel came over for supper on Friday and bought our car. OK, some would say that it was sudden. We had joked the week prior - since we've been tossing the idea around of getting a van as screamerson hates the car that much. Mel is going to be moving here in 3 weeks - and will need a car to get to and from work... Alas - they decided used, and ours :)

That lead to Saturday - we went van shopping and were not impressed with the deals and sales people! Tym had a great play date with Mel and Laurel though.

Sunday the Easter Bunny found the family. Tym had a fantastic time finding easter eggs and eating the chocolate the bunny left. And then reading the 3 books he brought, over and over again! Our baby sitter was suppose to come over but forgot (oh teenage boys!) and we planned on cooking all day. So Meag took to the kitchen while I played for a bit. Laurel and Mel came over and cooked us an Amazing Easter supper!

Monday morning bright and early we hit 417 Suzuki - the same place we bought our car. We love them. They had fantastic deals on everythere and were willing to work with us! So we came out of there with a Montana 2008! (with ipod adapter for Meag!)

monday night we had our usual Chinese Easter - a small one this year, only 7 people came over, but it was nice.

We picked the van up yesterday morning - which took far to long. Then we had a problem with car seat installs... Apparently most vans stopped putting 3 car seat anchors in the third row around 2002. Which SUCKS! I had wanted to put Tym on one side in the 3rd row and lake on the other side in the second row. Now Tym will be in the middle - which means no other seat can sit next to her - an adult can sit on either side, but her seat is quiet large!

Oh well - once he doesn't need someone next to him, we will move her to the second row.

Meag and Tym are at Annie's getting the car seats professionally installed (Beth is a car seat tech). The van is lovely and huge! It will take some time to get use to. Thats for sure!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hoppity Hop

Ah Easter - the one holiday that seems to befall our family with huge events. Nearly everything major that happens in our lives seems to happen on Easter weekend - our marriage, Tym's birth, finding out Deah's prego with Lake....and now we can add buying a Loser Cruiser to the list. It's so sad but true. We sold our car and caved to the boy who wails for 3 straight hours thus turning purple and sweating because he hates the car with no one sitting next to him (a.k.a Lake). As fun as it may sound, having my legs go numb after 20 minutes from cramming myself between the car seats in the back was not exactly something I wished to continue. However it did give Deah the perfect oppertunity to "get in an accident" and have my life insurance pay out. I love her more for not taking the easy way out and instead choosing to put up with me for the next 50 years. Lake also showed us his vocal endurance and stubborness when we drove back from Syracuse to Ottawa 2 odd weeks ago. That boy has a talent that nearly earned him a new home at a rest stop. So gone are the days of whipping around in my little blue car, music blasting, windows down and clearly trying to re-claim some of my youth. Enter in the brown 2008 Pontiac Montana SV6 with dual sliding doors, fold flat seats, optional DVD system, and an autographed copy of Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits.

The best part - Tym starts playing soccer the end of the month.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

So Tym's rash has healed up nicely - thankfully! Her ear however is another story. The nurse called back Friday and said there was an infection and called in some pretty strong antibiotics for 10 days. Meag brought her in yesterday (given it was only 5 days since she started the drugs) and the ear canal is still full of debris and gross, and the hole is still in her ear drum. She came home with a note to not go swimming, so we can hopefully cancel swim class and put her in the next one.

I think the drugs are giving her insomnia at night. 3 of the last 5 nights she's woken up in the middle of the night and just been awake for at least 2 hours. Add that to a little boy who is going through some weird sleep thing and not settling very well.... The adults in the house are not getting much sleep! (Meag and Tym are still sleeping now since they were up for a couple hours last night).

I had Lake's 3 months pictures done on Monday - not nearly as good as Tym's (which we got done in Fredericton at the studio) but cute. It is AMAZING to see how alike they look! We were looking through Tym's album and saw Lake in pink on every page!

Tym is excited for Easter, it should be fun this year. She is growing so quickly it's crazy. She is such a trooper with all her infections lately. She didn't like the cream for her impetigo but stood still for it, and loves her antibiotics. She is learning how to work things to how she wants them which is interesting to watch. Some we let her get away, others not so much.

Lake is growing quickly. It's crazy to think he's almost 4 months old! He's a good baby during the day - I am getting used to his schedule (which is hard to adhere to with a 4 year old in the house). He hates the car - we took out the bucket seat on Sunday to see if he would like that a little bit better. So far he hasn't cried too hard in it, but time will tell. It sure is interesting not having the bucket to put him in while we are out and about. His sleeping at night still sucks. I am hoping he'll start sleeping for more than an hour or two soon.

He is rolling over! He can now roll from back to front. He did it 3 times yesterday.

He can stop growing anytime!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Home again home again.

Sorry I haven't updated since we've been home....

Thursday I went to the Dr and got meds for streph throat. Lake's ear was doing better - and leg was doing better after lots of care - pictures will come of lots of naked time, and being pooped on like I've never been pooped on before (and hopefully never again!)

The way home was good - except that Lake cried the entire drive from Syracuse. Oye! I am not sure what we are going to do about other vacations for the next few months till he can grab things himself. If there is someone in the seat next to him to chew on, he's OK.

Since we've been home Tym got a small spot of something under her eye, and yesterday there was another one on her nose. Today the spot was considerably larger. Meag was going to take her to the clinic anyway, to get her ear looked at since swim class is tomorrow. Swim class is out - her ear is still very soft. They took a swab, and will call on Friday if we can give her antibiotics. And her skin - impetigo - a skin infection (rash). Meag is gone to get her cream right now. It also explains his ears while in Tx. It comes from the streph family. So all 4 of us have had streph in the past month. I am glad that kids got a skin thing versus the throat, achy, wanna die version!!