Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Must Be Doing Something Right

Driving in the Loser Cruiser yesturday:

Tym: "Mummy? What's the name of the hospital I was born at?"

Meag: "Le Montfort Tym."

T: "Why?"

M: "Because that's where the Midwives could work"

T: "Why not the other hospitals?"

M: "I don't know Tym. Sometimes they can only work at certain hospitals."


T: "Well I don't like that. They should be able to work at ALL the hospitals so they can help the mama or mummy or doctor or daddy."

Huge grin on my face, heart swelling, tears forming....

M: "Tym, you are very right and very smart."

T: "I'm going to tell the doctor's that they have to share the hospital with the midwife."

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