Saturday, April 18, 2009

I am uploading a whole bunch of pictures, seems as though we haven't uploaded since we got back from TX.

So a big weekend - we bought Tym a big girl bike with training wheels yesterday. She picked out the pink princes one. and loves it!! She almost understands driving it - it different driving something with brakes on the pedals! Seems as though we tried to stay away from pink/princesses we have a daughter who loves dresses, pink and princesses. However she'll be the toughest kid in the playground, and the dirtiest - in her lovely dress. What a combo!

She also picked out a tinkerbell floor mat for the van - it's quite cute!

She was telling us a joke lastnight -

Why was 10 afraid of 11?
Because eleven ate twelve.

She was so close to having it!! I tried to redo it with 7 8 9 - but she didn't get it. Oh she's cute!

everyone is quite happy with being able to go outside again. The parks. The fun. We cleaned off the deck and have had clothes drying on it for days, it's been lovely :) I enjoy this time of year the best. It's not to warm, there are not many bugs - but no coats :)

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Leslie said...

Not to burst your bubble, but that's probably why she didn't get the joke. It's a play on words... because Seven Eight (ate) Nine. Using other numbers just doesn't make sense... especially to a grammar Nazi like me. I should just make up a cape that says "Captain CORRECTION!!!" and be done with it.