Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The bunny has gone and gone - and we will be paying for many years! :)

We had a fantastic Friday - hopped a bus and went down to the market for the first time this year. Tym loves it down there, as do we. I found a Croc store... Oh my beating heart! A store, all for crocs! of course I bought a pair - can't wait for it to be nice so I can wear them :)

Mel and Laurel came over for supper on Friday and bought our car. OK, some would say that it was sudden. We had joked the week prior - since we've been tossing the idea around of getting a van as screamerson hates the car that much. Mel is going to be moving here in 3 weeks - and will need a car to get to and from work... Alas - they decided used, and ours :)

That lead to Saturday - we went van shopping and were not impressed with the deals and sales people! Tym had a great play date with Mel and Laurel though.

Sunday the Easter Bunny found the family. Tym had a fantastic time finding easter eggs and eating the chocolate the bunny left. And then reading the 3 books he brought, over and over again! Our baby sitter was suppose to come over but forgot (oh teenage boys!) and we planned on cooking all day. So Meag took to the kitchen while I played for a bit. Laurel and Mel came over and cooked us an Amazing Easter supper!

Monday morning bright and early we hit 417 Suzuki - the same place we bought our car. We love them. They had fantastic deals on everythere and were willing to work with us! So we came out of there with a Montana 2008! (with ipod adapter for Meag!)

monday night we had our usual Chinese Easter - a small one this year, only 7 people came over, but it was nice.

We picked the van up yesterday morning - which took far to long. Then we had a problem with car seat installs... Apparently most vans stopped putting 3 car seat anchors in the third row around 2002. Which SUCKS! I had wanted to put Tym on one side in the 3rd row and lake on the other side in the second row. Now Tym will be in the middle - which means no other seat can sit next to her - an adult can sit on either side, but her seat is quiet large!

Oh well - once he doesn't need someone next to him, we will move her to the second row.

Meag and Tym are at Annie's getting the car seats professionally installed (Beth is a car seat tech). The van is lovely and huge! It will take some time to get use to. Thats for sure!

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