Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hoppity Hop

Ah Easter - the one holiday that seems to befall our family with huge events. Nearly everything major that happens in our lives seems to happen on Easter weekend - our marriage, Tym's birth, finding out Deah's prego with Lake....and now we can add buying a Loser Cruiser to the list. It's so sad but true. We sold our car and caved to the boy who wails for 3 straight hours thus turning purple and sweating because he hates the car with no one sitting next to him (a.k.a Lake). As fun as it may sound, having my legs go numb after 20 minutes from cramming myself between the car seats in the back was not exactly something I wished to continue. However it did give Deah the perfect oppertunity to "get in an accident" and have my life insurance pay out. I love her more for not taking the easy way out and instead choosing to put up with me for the next 50 years. Lake also showed us his vocal endurance and stubborness when we drove back from Syracuse to Ottawa 2 odd weeks ago. That boy has a talent that nearly earned him a new home at a rest stop. So gone are the days of whipping around in my little blue car, music blasting, windows down and clearly trying to re-claim some of my youth. Enter in the brown 2008 Pontiac Montana SV6 with dual sliding doors, fold flat seats, optional DVD system, and an autographed copy of Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits.

The best part - Tym starts playing soccer the end of the month.

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