Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Home again home again.

Sorry I haven't updated since we've been home....

Thursday I went to the Dr and got meds for streph throat. Lake's ear was doing better - and leg was doing better after lots of care - pictures will come of lots of naked time, and being pooped on like I've never been pooped on before (and hopefully never again!)

The way home was good - except that Lake cried the entire drive from Syracuse. Oye! I am not sure what we are going to do about other vacations for the next few months till he can grab things himself. If there is someone in the seat next to him to chew on, he's OK.

Since we've been home Tym got a small spot of something under her eye, and yesterday there was another one on her nose. Today the spot was considerably larger. Meag was going to take her to the clinic anyway, to get her ear looked at since swim class is tomorrow. Swim class is out - her ear is still very soft. They took a swab, and will call on Friday if we can give her antibiotics. And her skin - impetigo - a skin infection (rash). Meag is gone to get her cream right now. It also explains his ears while in Tx. It comes from the streph family. So all 4 of us have had streph in the past month. I am glad that kids got a skin thing versus the throat, achy, wanna die version!!

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