Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loyalty is not her strong point

For the past 18 months Tym has been infatuated with our friend Christa. The sun rose and set based on whether Christa was standing or sitting. They were inseperable and adored each other. Enter Abby - Christa's partner. It was a slow warm up for both of them. Not that they didn't like each other - it was just a different dynamic. And then something happened. Abby became the end all of Tym's life. I think it was the John Deere hat Abby bought her. Or maybe it was the fact that Abby "played fetch" with her. Whatever it was, Abby is like a hit of speed to my little girl. I can't even mention her name in passing without Tym loosing it and wanting to see her RIGHT NOW! Thus I give you the following conversation:

Mel: So you don't like Christa now?

Tym: No.

Mel: Why not?

Tym: I just like Abby now.

Mel: Can't you like them both?

Tym: No, just one.

Mel: Will Christa get another turn to be liked soon?

Tym: Ya....soon. But not right now.

Heartbeats and Clothes

Another week has passed quick. Mel landed in town on Sunday - she's here for a good part of the summer working - it's nice to have her around :)

This weekend we are going to a cottage with Scott. We've never been to this one, so it will be interesting to see what is there. It's going to be really nice just to sit and relax!

I looked down on Monday at my belly. It has arrived. There is not much mistaken that I'm pregnant. I definitely filled out quicker this time - as I look closer to 6 months then 4! All I am wearing now are Mat Clothes. I am good for tops, but I need to find a couple more pairs of full panel shorts.

We went to the midwife this morning - and met Denise our second midwife. She seems lovely - she was a naturopath before becoming a midwife. I am measuring right on target, my blood pressure was awesome! 112/70. And we heard the heartbeat!! It was the first time, and it was awesome! I've been feeling the baby move for a few weeks and even starting to kick the past few days - so I figured everything was ok. But it sure was awesome to hear the heartbeat at 150! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Movie Nights

It's been raining for days - and looks like it will rain for many more days to come... Last night we bussed downtown and had a lovely picnic of chicken and ribs. Oh how we love the Chicken and Rib Festival. This was the first year that Tym really took part and chowed down on Ribs - they were definietly her favorite! It just started to drizzle as we were finishing up :)

Once home we had a nice warm shower to get clean and warm up... Which was followed by our very first Movie Night! We snuggled on the couch with a blanket in our PJ's, had hot chocolate and popcorn and watched the Piglet Movie. It was awesome! Tym was so excited and hardly had popcorn, she was so into the movie. (It helps of course that she normally doesn't get to watch TV!)

it is definitely something that we want to do on occasion as a family - maybe once a month which she's still little... And family games nights when the kids get bigger :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Entry missing

I updated yesterday - but it is not here... So I will update again. I finally uploaded some pictures - so there are new pictures from May and June - ENjoy! :) It's amazing to look at the pictures and see what a big girl she is turning into.

Tym is doing better - we took it easy most of last week. Let the last of the wheat leave her body! It was rough during parts. Unfortunately her rash is still present, and angry. I really wish we got the results from her testing earlier so we could figure it all out. I have an appt with the naturopath tonight and will probably bring T with me and see what she says.

Last weekend was busy as usual - we managed to get a lot of things into it. Including seeing Beth and Jesse's new house and playing at the playground and beach that is a 3 minute walk away! It will be awesome visiting this summer! I think the funniest thing for me however was Christa sitting in Tym's pool cooling off but not wanting to share it!

The most awesome thing that happened was Sunday. There was a huge thunderstorm and we all snuggled up on Tym's bed and watched the storm. talked about thunder and lighting and sang songs. It was an amazing family time.

Tym is a little obsessed with the new baby. She brought home a picture she colored at school yesterday - it was of a person holding a baby - and she colored it for the baby. it was so sweet - we had to put it on the wall next to where the crib is going to go so the new baby can see it.

As far as Newton is going - things seem on track. I can't brush my teeth without gagging, which leads to the next 5 months being lovely! heartburn has started as well. However I can feel the baby move a bit more now, which is awesome.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's hothothot

What a busy weekend. We managed to get all our errands done, plus do lots of sociallizing.

We started the weekend with swimming at Plant with Annie and the girls. Tym was super glad that they were home from vacation! Then they came over with supper.

Sat was busy and starting to get hot. We did as many errands in the morning as we could. Then called Beth and asked if they had an air pump as we bought Tym a kiddie pool. Low and behold they were setting theirs up :) So we packed up and headed over to enjoy some cool water. It was lovely.
Meag and I headed out at 6 to a baseball game with Christa and Abby. What's with cheerleaders at baseball games? The game was good - it was nice to get out and enjoy company - and we weren't in the sun so it was good :) I don't remember the last time I had a SnoCone! :)

Sunday after a very hot trip to the market and groceries we got the airconditioner installed and the kiddy pool setup. Meag and I spent more time lounging in the pool then Tym did!

We took Tym off wheat Thursday - and by Sat night we finally had our girl back! Thankfully! I am not sure what wheat does to her body, but it sure comes out in her personality! We can't wait to get those results in a month.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Summer Summer Summertime

It's official - the heat is here. This weekend marked an average heat index of 36+ - lovely for me, not so much for my prego wife and fiesty child. to solve this problem? Buy a kiddie pool of course! With a busy weekend under our belts and Tym getting more and more catankerous, the pool was the best $20 I've spent in a long time. She was awfully cute wading around in it not really wanting to get her new swimsuit wet (obviously the concept of swimming was lost on her yesturday) as Deah and I sat in it and relaxed.

It was a busy weekend - with lots of visiting, family outings, double date to a local baseball game (sans Tym and what's with cheerleaders at a baseball game anyways?!), a trip to the farmer's market, ice cream consumption, and installing the A.C. It's almost a good thing the weekend is over with how busy we were.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Tym on Wheat - OYE!

So yesterday I picked the girls up after work and we went to the doctor to get the blood drawn for testing. Tym was amazing!! She calmly sat on my lap, let me hold her arm and watched the tech put the needle in. When she seen her blood coming out, she looked a little worried - you know, since blood is suppose to stay in your body and all. But she got a band-aid and didn't even flinch!

It hurt more when I took off the band-aid at bath time lastnight!

And we've noticed something in the last 4 days. Tym's rash has almost disapeared. Good. However - her attitude and manarisim SUCK! She's bitten twice at school this week. Pierce was apparently Yummy - who knew! She's slept like crap - been up by 6 everyday. She isn't listening to us AT ALL and is down right defiant. Now, I do know that she's 3 yada yada - however last week wasn't like this. This is definitely the Tym from 'before'. We totally see what her teachers meant the week after we took wheat and dairy out - "She's so much happier". And she was. Until now.

So today starts no wheat and dairy. We are going to limit her corn and sugar - but it was when the wheat and dairy went away that we got nice Tym. So that will be the diet until we get the results back in a month.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Needles and Hammers

So we've decided to get Tym's food sensitivities tested a bit more and are getting the blood test done. The blood test will give us a scale to go on. So we know which foods to totally avoid and ones to more or less stay away from. We're doing it because her rash has yet to go fully away - we are missing something!

So in preparation for the needle tomorrow, Tym had to incorporate all the 'bad' foods back into her system, so they were there to test. Let's just say she was quite excited to have my chocolate milk and pudding at lunch on Monday. And I have NEVER seen her eat 2 full peices of pizza by herself! (monday at supper). Friday will be tough going back to the modified diet, but hopefully this test will give us more insight into what is actually happening.

Tomorrow marks Trimester 2!! Wow. It's crazy to think it's here. I am finally feeling good and not having to eat 'as' much :) The second trimester is usually the best, and I can't wait to experience it again. All my regular clothes don't fit (unless elastic waist) - and the mat clothes are still to big, but I have to wear them. It will be good in a few more weeks when I fit a little better into my mat clothes.

We found out yesterday that we are going to have our bathroom totally redone, as well as the floors in the living room and kitchen redone (to laminate hardwood floors) in July. We are very excited about this - however it does mean that July will be very busy. We need more details on when and stuff - but all our furniture will have to be moved from the 2 main floors for a week or so, and we won't be able to use the main bathroom for up to 2 weeks. There will be another unit available if we wanted to temporarily move in - but that's a lot of work. We might just try and crash somewhere while the floors are done, and come back fo the bathroom (and shower in the empty unit). Anyone have an empty furnited apt we can live in for 2 weeks? :)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Trains and Ponies oh My!

We have yet to say anything about our weekend.

First - ever since last year's trip to Toronto, Tym wanted to stop at the Big Apple and go for an apple train ride (they have a small kids train on tracks). So she's been saving her money in her piggy bank (well stealing our change and putting it in) so she had money to go next time we went. So we got all backed up, and she stayed awake until the apple train. She was stoked to give the lady her money to get a ticket for the train. It was dead, and Tym was the only one on it (Mummy went with her) so she got 3 turns around the track instead of 1. However within the first 45 seconds she was scared.

She won't be asking for the apple train soon I doubt.

On to Waterloo. Got in town in great time. Went to Jo's place - Tym belined for the toys downstairs. Once Beth was home with the kids we headed over there. Tym was thrilled to see her cousins! and belined for the play room! I didn't think she could have been more excited - except the minute Darcy walked into the house I honestly thought she wsa going to pee herself! She was vibrating and bouncing and screaming. Jumped up right into his arms. From day one he's always been her favorite man.

After a lovely BBQ supper we finally got the kids upstairs late. Skipped bath. They decided they were all going to sleep together in Julia's bed. It's a good thing it's a queen! They played around and lasted for about 25 minutes before Grace was tired and gave up and went to her room. Julia was overtired at this point and Beth took her to lay down on her bed. That left Tym all by herself. she didn't quite understand why her cousins left her. Since she wouldn't let them sleep! She eventually went to sleep by 9pm.

Saturday started with breakfast out with Great Gramma and Nana. The girls did great - then a trip to St Jacob's Market. Oh how I love that Market! At the market there was pony rides. Wow Tym was excited. So she went, with Grace - and started crying before they made half a turn - so I scooped her off the pony.

Lunch and playtime at the house. Grace had some friends over to play and Tym loved watching the big girls play. A wonderful supper that Darcy made followed by a bath. Tym was beyond exhausted at this point and the bath did not turn out so well - alas everyone was calm again, and all in the same bed again.

Beth and I listened to them play in bed wondering how long it would take this time. Sure enough 15 minutes in Grace comes out - the girls are practicing to spit. She headed to her own room again. That was followed by Tym acting up, I took her out and brought her to our bed.

Sunday morning brought getting packed up and heading to the studio to get photos done. 4 generation pictures were taken. Tym wasn't to impressed and didn't want her picture taken. By the time she warmed up Julia was pretty done. Overall considering the different picture combinations there were and 3 kids 5 and under, I think they went great :)

Off we went in the car and drove home. It was a lovely trip. Not sure if Tym will go near a kiddy train or pony again - but it was fun! :)

upon getting home Grace called. She was crying and wanted us to come back again. It was so sweet!

Monday, June 02, 2008

The one about the Fallopian Tube

Tym was drinking some water last night, when she began to sputter and cough. Deah hit her back and asked her if it went down the wrong tube. After Tym finally caught her breath, she meekly looked up at Deah and said "Yeah, it went down my fallopian tube".

Blogging for LGBT Families

Today is the third year for Blogging for LGBT Families. The first year meant a lot - as it was our first year with Tym. Last year, honestly, I think I forgot. This year, year 3 also means a lot. Not only are we a family with 2 moms, a wonderful daughter and a sprout on the way - but we are very lucky to live where we do, and have the rights we do.

When Tym was born, Meag was not on the birth certificate. We were legally married, but the rest of the laws had not caught up yet. We didn't want to have to do a second parent adoption - for many reasons. The main one - she wasn't adopting Tym - because Tym was already her's. She was my wife - Tym was her daughter. Simple to us. If I was married to a man, it would not have been questioned on if he would be on the birth certificate

By the time Tym turned one the laws had caught up. We were busy needless to say, and were not sure if it meant we could get the certificate changed or not. We knew the next baby would automatically have Meag's name on it - but what about this one? In Janurary I sent them an email - saying I would like it changed - low and behold they sent us a short form to fill out. It costs us money to get the birth certificates printed again - and 22$ for the form to be filed. But last month something came in the mail... Tym's new birth certificate with Meag's name listed. Not only listed, but now she's listed as the mother, and I'm listed as the 'other parent'. Which suits me just fine.

Meag is a wonderful mom - We are a wonderful family - and I can't wait until next year when we will be even bigger! :)