Friday, June 06, 2008

Tym on Wheat - OYE!

So yesterday I picked the girls up after work and we went to the doctor to get the blood drawn for testing. Tym was amazing!! She calmly sat on my lap, let me hold her arm and watched the tech put the needle in. When she seen her blood coming out, she looked a little worried - you know, since blood is suppose to stay in your body and all. But she got a band-aid and didn't even flinch!

It hurt more when I took off the band-aid at bath time lastnight!

And we've noticed something in the last 4 days. Tym's rash has almost disapeared. Good. However - her attitude and manarisim SUCK! She's bitten twice at school this week. Pierce was apparently Yummy - who knew! She's slept like crap - been up by 6 everyday. She isn't listening to us AT ALL and is down right defiant. Now, I do know that she's 3 yada yada - however last week wasn't like this. This is definitely the Tym from 'before'. We totally see what her teachers meant the week after we took wheat and dairy out - "She's so much happier". And she was. Until now.

So today starts no wheat and dairy. We are going to limit her corn and sugar - but it was when the wheat and dairy went away that we got nice Tym. So that will be the diet until we get the results back in a month.

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