Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's hothothot

What a busy weekend. We managed to get all our errands done, plus do lots of sociallizing.

We started the weekend with swimming at Plant with Annie and the girls. Tym was super glad that they were home from vacation! Then they came over with supper.

Sat was busy and starting to get hot. We did as many errands in the morning as we could. Then called Beth and asked if they had an air pump as we bought Tym a kiddie pool. Low and behold they were setting theirs up :) So we packed up and headed over to enjoy some cool water. It was lovely.
Meag and I headed out at 6 to a baseball game with Christa and Abby. What's with cheerleaders at baseball games? The game was good - it was nice to get out and enjoy company - and we weren't in the sun so it was good :) I don't remember the last time I had a SnoCone! :)

Sunday after a very hot trip to the market and groceries we got the airconditioner installed and the kiddy pool setup. Meag and I spent more time lounging in the pool then Tym did!

We took Tym off wheat Thursday - and by Sat night we finally had our girl back! Thankfully! I am not sure what wheat does to her body, but it sure comes out in her personality! We can't wait to get those results in a month.

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N said...

Allergies do funny things to you. I'm allergic to corn, and before I cut it out (I still have it sometimes), I was SO much crankier ALL the time.