Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Trains and Ponies oh My!

We have yet to say anything about our weekend.

First - ever since last year's trip to Toronto, Tym wanted to stop at the Big Apple and go for an apple train ride (they have a small kids train on tracks). So she's been saving her money in her piggy bank (well stealing our change and putting it in) so she had money to go next time we went. So we got all backed up, and she stayed awake until the apple train. She was stoked to give the lady her money to get a ticket for the train. It was dead, and Tym was the only one on it (Mummy went with her) so she got 3 turns around the track instead of 1. However within the first 45 seconds she was scared.

She won't be asking for the apple train soon I doubt.

On to Waterloo. Got in town in great time. Went to Jo's place - Tym belined for the toys downstairs. Once Beth was home with the kids we headed over there. Tym was thrilled to see her cousins! and belined for the play room! I didn't think she could have been more excited - except the minute Darcy walked into the house I honestly thought she wsa going to pee herself! She was vibrating and bouncing and screaming. Jumped up right into his arms. From day one he's always been her favorite man.

After a lovely BBQ supper we finally got the kids upstairs late. Skipped bath. They decided they were all going to sleep together in Julia's bed. It's a good thing it's a queen! They played around and lasted for about 25 minutes before Grace was tired and gave up and went to her room. Julia was overtired at this point and Beth took her to lay down on her bed. That left Tym all by herself. she didn't quite understand why her cousins left her. Since she wouldn't let them sleep! She eventually went to sleep by 9pm.

Saturday started with breakfast out with Great Gramma and Nana. The girls did great - then a trip to St Jacob's Market. Oh how I love that Market! At the market there was pony rides. Wow Tym was excited. So she went, with Grace - and started crying before they made half a turn - so I scooped her off the pony.

Lunch and playtime at the house. Grace had some friends over to play and Tym loved watching the big girls play. A wonderful supper that Darcy made followed by a bath. Tym was beyond exhausted at this point and the bath did not turn out so well - alas everyone was calm again, and all in the same bed again.

Beth and I listened to them play in bed wondering how long it would take this time. Sure enough 15 minutes in Grace comes out - the girls are practicing to spit. She headed to her own room again. That was followed by Tym acting up, I took her out and brought her to our bed.

Sunday morning brought getting packed up and heading to the studio to get photos done. 4 generation pictures were taken. Tym wasn't to impressed and didn't want her picture taken. By the time she warmed up Julia was pretty done. Overall considering the different picture combinations there were and 3 kids 5 and under, I think they went great :)

Off we went in the car and drove home. It was a lovely trip. Not sure if Tym will go near a kiddy train or pony again - but it was fun! :)

upon getting home Grace called. She was crying and wanted us to come back again. It was so sweet!

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