Tuesday, November 25, 2008

44 and counting....

We saw Claudia yesterday - and I am currently measuring 44 weeks.... And counting. (Technically I am 38weeks, 4 days). So lets just say that he's measuring ahead.

With that there is a highly chance of having to transfer to the hospital because of his size... If he doesn't descend like he should or labour doesn't progress like it should... things like that. Which now has me a little freaked out. I am Ok in him being big. I do 'hope' that my body wouldn't grow something that doesn't fit. And I know she needs to go over all this with us in case, it is her job after all.

I have all the confidence in myself to deliver this baby here, in the comfort of my home, surrounded with people I love and trust. the hospital... is well... not any of that! I am sure that I can make it work there to, and I have to remember if we have to transfer it doesn't mean I've failed. If we need another csection, it's not because I didn't do everything in my power.

So... the sooner he comes the better so he doesn't get much bigger :) I am doing acupuncture today and started homeopathic. Thursday or Friday is a stretch and sweep. Come on baby - we are ready to meet you....

There is now snow on the ground. Tym woke up this morning, Meag told her to look outside.... the most beautiful in awe face came over her. "My baby Brother is coming now!" We've been telling her for months that her brother would come once there is snow on the ground, before Santa.... And well - she's decided now is good.

I agree!

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