Tuesday, November 18, 2008

list and most lists

What a week! At first I thought I had nothing accomplished least week - then I realized how many appts and things I actually did and felt better. Especially after making lots of freezer food on Friday.

Ole keeps dropping - we did some shopping yesterday and I had a bowling ball between my legs the entire time, oh the joys of pregnancy! On the weekend I was having cramps off and on... After talking with Claudia (midwife) this morning I realized they were probably contractions - not to painful and definitely not on a schedule... Just the body getting ready I guess. Kinda freaks me out though! The time is near. and getting closer and closer. I am measuring 42 weeks, blood pressure is awesome, swelling in my feet is almost none now that I'm at home. Lots of fluid, he's moving a lot still. Going from anteriror to posterior a lot. She offered a stretch and sweet if I wanted it... Which freaked me out to know that she feels confident enough that he's almost ready to offer... I did decline today - as our birth team won't really be ready till at least Saturday... I 'might' do one next week - we'll see how uncomfortable I am.

Time to pack our hospital bags (just in case). Our to do list isn't quite getting shorter - as more things get added - but most of the crutial items have been taken care of.

Time to get Tym to her last swim class of the term. she loves the water!

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R said...

Wow!! I can't believe it's already time!! Can't wait to see the little one!!