Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things have been good around here. The weekend was quick - Laurel and Mel came into town to look for a place for Laurel to move into in the New Year - hopefully her application has gone through! We got a good part of the cleaning done. We shall have some cooking to do, but thats not to bad.

Yesterday I went and got a belly cast done. It was a great experience. I can't wait until she drops it off in a few weeks and we can paint it. We also seen the midwife yesterday - it was so nice to connect with Claudia again since it had been a long time since we'd seen her. She felt the same way, which was nice. Everything seems to be going good... The boy is measuring big. I measured 41 weeks. Granted there is a bit extra padding as well... But... Oye! No wonder I'm having a hard time moving around! Even though I'm only term on Friday, if for some reason I went into labour now, she wouldn't be concerned at all to do a home birth, which was nice to hear.

After that we ran to the naturopath - and got the homeopathics that we might use. And set up appts to help natural induction around the due date (if he hasn't arrived) and for him once he's here. Crazy!

This morning Scott came over and we did belly pictures.... It was a lot harder with Tym running around! We will post them soon once we go through them.


mamasaid said...

let me know when you're painting your cast--I still haven't done mine from Annie yet, and we could do it together :)--hey it would be a great distraction in early labour!
Glad all is well! See you guys on the 18th...

mamasaid said...

ps--that's Jesse on the last post, btw