Friday, November 07, 2008

Free time?

So I've been on sick leave all week. It's weird but lovely! I was able to get in to see my massage therapist (to do Bowen) ad-hoc on Tuesday which was lovely. I actually took a nap on Wednesday which was a blissful 35 minutes that I didn't feel guilty about. I've been able to do some cooking for the freezer and slowly dwindle down our to do list. Easy stuff like make the email list for after birth, or get pictures printed. It's been nice. I do feel like I should be doing stuff all the time since I'm home, and I have to remind myself I need to take it easy as well.

Ole has been moving up a storm all week. I am pretty amazed at how big I am getting. I don't notice it until I see profiles of the belly. Since he's dropped I don't think of it as big since it's not, however he keeps popping out even further. No one can be in the kitchen with me at the same time since he gets in everyone's way... And Tym's head keeps bopping into him. It's funny.

Yesterday I seen the naturopath - next week we're going over what homeopathics will help during labour. I am also getting a belly cast done next week, which will be awesome.

Lunch and a movie is calling I think :)

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