Saturday, November 22, 2008

The return...

Of cankles!

It's been a busy week as always... I figured I should update since we are now getting random 'How are you doing?" calls :)

My cankles are back... It's been a really busy 3 days with not a lot of rest and my feet are paying the price. However I was able to do a lot of errands on Thursday, celebrated Christa's graduation from Cordon Bleu and went to see Santa with Tym at the mall today. So I think it's worth it :)

I am feeling very very pregnant, and would not be to sad if I went into labour now. The only downside would be our labour support ladies (Christa and Abby) have their moms' in town until Wednesday to celebrate the graduation. It would suck to take time away from that. However it would be nice not to be pregnant anymore! The past week has definitely brought on more uncomfortableness then I've previously felt. As I was dressing for the grad yesterday I found out that I had outgrown 2 of my lovely mat tops... Ones I was saving for nice occasions such as that. I didn't think one was suppose to grow out of mat clothes... I'm down to pair of pants and a couple tops which don't fit very well. I can't put on socks (not that I want to!) thank god for my lined crocs! bending to pick something off the floor.... Forget it!

The past couple days I've had more braxton hicks contractions - which has been odd. I guess I hadn't had many prior - they can be quite uncomfortable. I am peeing every 20 minutes. And hungry a lot!

Will all this - it is amazing to have him wiggle in me all the time. He's so much more active then Tym ever was - I know the position helps with that. But there is nothing like taking a few minutes, sitting back, and feeling him inside me. Knowing that I've grown this being from nothing - and he's soon going to come out and dazzle everyone from the outside.

it's also sad knowing that this is more likely the last time I will be pregnant. The last time I will grow another human. The last time I will feel a child growing inside me. In some ways I don't think I've cherished it enough - on the other hand - i think I have.

Tym is doing well. She's a little off - we are not sure if it's some changes at school she's taking a lot time adjusting to - or to knowing that her world is soon going to be flipped upside down! She's not awful - but she's spacy and not paying much attention.

tomorrow she's going to Cosmic with Santiago and patty - she will have an amazing time - and I am sure we will put to good use to the hour or two we have to get some more small things done.

Now - can I get his blanket and christmas stocking sewn before he gets here......

38 weeks + and counting... still pregnant.

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