Thursday, May 22, 2008

So many new things...

Today I was going to post about the fact that we are at 12 weeks - and everything that entails... and I will - after I tell you about this morning.

After Tym slept through the night (YAY!) I went up at 6:15 and snuggled her. I mentioned I had a dentist appt this morning, and asked if her and Mummy could drive me. She immediately went - I go for a check up to?? I asked if she wanted to see the dentist and get her teeth cleaned. YA! was the answer. Ok then - If the 3 year old wants to go to the dentist, I will gladly give up my appt. (We've been meaning to get her to the dentist for the last couple months). So we all got ready and left. When we got there I told them I was there and explained I would give up my appt if Tym could get in instead - she talked with my lovely hygenist who said she would clean both our teeth.

So we went out back, Tym said I would go first. She asked lots of questions about what all the stuff was - and thought it was funny I had sun glasses and a bib on. Then I was done, and she still wanted her turn!! So she climbed in the big chair and laid back! She looked around, and was able to get most of her front teeth polished! Her teeth are so lovely and shinny! She got a new toothbrush, floss - and got a toy from the chest! She even let the very old scary looking dentist come in and take a look. Her teeth are perfect :)

Of course as we were watching her, we realized we wanted pictures, but with such an impromptu appt, we didn't bring the camera. Oh well - there is always 6 months from now!

Now that Tym is clearly a big girl - let's talk about Newton!
I am 12 weeks today - and haven't been nauseous in awhile... I even started talking my prenatals in the morning again :) I am still tired - not as tired, but 9:30 is still late for me!

On Monday I looked down and seen a little of my belly poking out - normally I just see the girls (which are ginormous right now!) but the belly is starting to poke. Not that most people would even consider me showing, but give me another month and we shall see! The preggo clothes are going to have to come out soon, as I am down to 3 pairs of pants for work - I hope it warms up soon so I can wear shorts!

This week I started telling my work folks that I'm due :) It's been fun telling people - a lot of people are wondering what I'm going to do about my job - so am I! I am going to talk to Claudia next week about how long I should stick with this job and such. Obviously I am not going to do it if it's not good for me or Newton.

A lot of people wonder how Tym's doing with the thought of a baby. Well - she is getting more excited all the time!! Yesterday morning we were snuggling, and she layed on my belly - kissed it, and was listening. She then said "I can HEAR THE BABY!" she was sooo excited! I laughed. I was hungry - are you sure you can here it. "Yes Mama, I hear the BABY!" it was so cute. Then a minute later, "Mama, I feel the baby move!!" It was so cute. We shall see how long this faze lasts - hopefully another year until the baby is a few months old! She is getting use to the fact that there is only 1 - and not 2. Thank God!

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YEAH!! That's great she enjoyed the dentist so much!!