Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alive and wiggly

When you get your first pregnancy test that is positive - you're overjoyed. But then starts the worrying. Especially if you test positive way before your period is due (which we did). You wonder if everything is going to be OK. If the baby is growing OK. If there really is a baby in there. Most women worry about this until they get their first ultrasound, or are into their second trimester.

We had our first ultrasound this morning :) Newton is thriving!!! A little to much so - as in measuring 6 days ahead of schedule! Very wiggly and squirmy. Which was a switch for us, as Tym was always very calm, never moved very much during the ultrasounds. Newton had his\her arms flying everywhere, legs moving and just moving all about. It was awesome.

So no more worries about not having a baby in my belly. And we can tell Tym honestly, that there is only 1 baby in my belly. No twins like she insists on!

We will upload the picture within a couple days. Happy Spring everyone!

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