Monday, March 24, 2008

The Easter holiday is almost over and we have more news than possible. My sister Beth, her husband Darcy and their 2 kids Grace and Julia all arrived on Friday morning. We weren't too sure they would really make it as Beth was fighting a nasty cold. She sucked it up well for the drive and the rest of the weekend, though Darcy started feeling sick Sat. afternoon. We just can't win eh? The girls though were amazing! Tym was simply beside herself with 24/7 excitement at her cousins being here. She was so excited that she earned more time-outs in one day than she had in the previous 2 weeks! Lots of laughs, games and playing was had with some invaluable one on one sister time thrown in for good measure. We managed to brave the ridiculous freezing wind at the Agricultural Farm to visit the sheep, cows, goats and lambs. We also took the kids to the Museum of Nature for an incredible jouney. They loved it all and Tym went nuts running around with not only her 2 cousins (as she kept calling Grace and Julia that the whole weekend!) but also with Annie! Talk about heaven for Tym!
Sunday morning we had Tym's 3rd Birthday Party complete with her dolphin cake. She did really well even though she'd been restless the night before with a bad fever. We debated about cancelling the party but with family here.....she braved it very well and only petered out at the very end. Thanks to all who came to help us celebrate - you're welcome to come back and help us finish off the cake!
Once Beth and the kids pulled out to head back to Kitchener, Tym crashed. Her fever kept spiking at 40.3 with only going down 1-1.5 degrees on Advil. She physically looked in pain and was complaining of a headache all day. Last night wasn't much better though it seemed to help a bit that she was snuggled in between Deah and I all night. Deah and I have plans for a date day tomorrow with Tym back at daycare - here's hoping!
And the best news: DEAH"S PREGNANT! She's due December 5th and we couldn't be more thrilled. We'll have the same midwife (Sarah) that we had for Tym and are crossing our fingers for the home birth we wanted before. We had a huge "honey-do" list for the next year that has now been modified into "MUST- do" within 6-8 months and "Will have to wait". Tym will make an amazing big sister!

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