Friday, April 11, 2008

Well Newton ( our pick for the baby's name for now - Thanks Auntie Pepe!) is now the length of a lima bean. After Wednesday I very quickly got in the habit of eating every 45 minutes or so to keep the nausea at bay. That, plus having a carbonated drink in the morning. I've had more pop in the past 3 days then I do in a year. (Don't worry folks, all caffeine free - today's choice Red Tangerine fanta, who knew!)

Lastnight my savior came over! Wade came over after I got home from getting T and the car (750$ later!) and played with T all evening. I was able to actually get a couple things done around the house that I've been needing to do all week but have got to bed with or before Tym all week. Meag and I have realized that we will probably have to ask for some extra hands in the next couple weeks, just so we are running somewhat normally. Meag is so tired from doing everything around the house - and I feel bad cuz she's doing everything. I am going to try and be more accomplishing in the evenings with Tym... wish me luck!

Tym had a great time playing with Wade - and enjoyed making a craft so much with him, that this morning at 6:45 - she decides she wants to make more! Oye. In the bath lastnight, Wade was upstairs with us at bath time. She was playing with herself - Meag said, nice cooch, she looked at Wade and said "You have a cooch?" He replied, no, I have a penis because I'm a boy. She then told him that me and Meag both had cooches.... And asked "You have a cooch behind your penis?" Of course we all laughed and said no. Then she asked to see it. Thankfully it was covered with clothes! This morning and driving us to work . "You have a penis Unkie Wade! "

She's been very hyper at bedtime the past couple nights because there have been friends over that come bed time she's not interested in sleeping. Thursday she finally feel asleep at 9:30, last night it was 9. I do hope she's good for Justine and Jubilee tonight since we are going out.

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Rattie said...

LOL The cooch story is hilarious!