Sunday, April 06, 2008

What a wonderful weekend so far.
Last week's weather was so lovely, we decided to have the first BBQ of the season on Friday. Of course while we were all sitting at work - we were watching huge snowflakes fall. Alas, we still had an amazing steak bbq! :)
Yesterday morning I went with Andrea to help her out at the Great Children's Garage Sale. it was awesome to see all the preggo mama's and all the little kiddos there :) I can't wait for the next one where I know I'll end up picking some stuff up for the little one. (Who we've named Newton for the right now)
After that we came home and T had a nap. We got packed up, and after nap Abby came to pick T up. They headed off to do errands and supper - we skedaddled across the river to a hotel. Didn't take very long to get into the double jet tub! meag's knees thanked it! After a lovely meal at Bifteque - we were in bed by 7pm! Asleep by 8! and we only got up at 7am. It was awesome!
After a brunch breakfast and a lazy morning we went and picked T up before Christa went to work.
Of course - Tym had a great time, and they had to wake her up at 7AM - for us we have to con her into sleeping past 6! Oh well - she had a great time playing with the dog :)
She's now upstairs sleeping. it's lovely outside. We are heading to Matt and Sarah's for supper, and Scott's coming with us. It's going to be a lovely day! :)

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