Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Adjusting well

Tym is doing really well in her found palate of "safe" food. We seemlessly transfered over all her cow-based dairy to either almond or goat based. And yay for finding out we can still go out for an "ice cream" treat. Pure Gelato has numerous yummy dairy free options for Tym which she is thouroughly enjoying! The wheat is still a work in progress. I've bought numerous types of different flours to try out - we just have to make the time to bake. In the meantime Tym seems to be enjoying the bread we bought her. Her rashes are improving daily which is a huge relief to Deah and I. We'll see what the next 48 hours brings though as we caved tonight and ordered pizza in - shame on us but damn it was good!

We've started to make a lunch for Tym to bring to school in the morning as well. It's just easier that way since we know what she's eating and the school doesn't have to worry as much about catering to her diet. T likes to help me make it though she jumps around yelling "it's my super-dooper lunch" more than actually helping. I do appreciate the entertainment however.

All in all she's doing great! There have only been a few momments when I thought I was going to lose her to a tantrum. She wanted some of her cerished chocolate bunny cookies which are now on her "do not eat" list. I told her that she couldn't eat them anymore because they weren't good for her belly and her eyes teared up. She quickly looked in the cuprboard and saw the new cookies I had bought (YUMMY wheat free chocolate chip!), pointed to the bag and asked "those are good for my belly?" This kid learns quickly I tell ya!

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Leslie said...


Congrats to you and Deah for helping make Tym's transition as smooth as possible. I know it's got to be a handful, to say the least. I mean, I'd throw a tantrum if *I* couldn't have chocolate bunny cookies.

Speaking of which, I'm not allergic to wheat. Will you mail me some? :P~~~