Thursday, March 12, 2009

3 Month-a-versary

Dear Sumo:

3 months already - holy shit! The changes in you and what you bring to the family have been remarkable.

You are smiling, laughing, recognizing people, discovering the cats (though a little too early for their liking I reckon. Your shriek of delight when Belle's around sends her scampering to the basement for a few hours!). You've discovered your hands though the other day you whacked yourself with your fist and nearly lost your mind! And your sister has already given you your first black eye.

I can honestly say that you are now fully "awake" and taking in the world around you. You wake with a start when your sister comes home and refuse to go back to sleep until you've hung out with her for abit. She has taught you how to suplex people - a trick that I taught Tym when she was 18 months old. Cute then, though I never really thought you Lake would be doing it so young!

Thanks for being you, for being such a chill baby, and for letting me hold you tight and breath you in.


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