Saturday, March 21, 2009

So here we are - posting from Texas. Aahhhhh Love the warm air and sun!!!

Tym's ear is doing better. Still seeping a little at night. The Dr said it was a good thing it bursts before we got on the airplane as that would not have been pretty. We do have antibiotics with us incase an infection starts. But so far so good.

We had a lovely flight here. Tym is soooo excited to be here. Her and Meag are currently at the park around the corner while the baby naps. In shorts. It's 24 degrees outside. it's heaven.

We went shopping this morning and there is lots of food for Tym - we just need to find some bread, but other then that, it's pretty good.

The poor baby - has not had a good time in the diapers we bought for the trip and ended up getting different ones today as he had a spot rubbed raw from the other ones. And his ear started looking a little sore with dry skin - almost excema like - Wednesday. Today looks a lot more sore so we've uped the remedy from breastmilk to calendula cream - hopefully it clears up soon.

So we will continue to enjoy the warm air for the week :)

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