Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yikes - it's been forever since I updated!!

Ok - so TYm had a fever for 1 day and was great the next day. That tends to be how she gets colds... It's rare her nose is runny or anything... She'll get a fever and her body will kick whatever it is out. Yay for healthy immune systems :)

It's been a very busy time around here... I have been keeping busy with working on budget stuff for the daycare (i'm the treasurer), getting our taxes done, planning Tym's party this weekend, Meag's birthday the day after and our leaving for Texas 3 days after that. It's a good thing he sleeps well Mondays and Tuesdays since that's when I get everything done.

Tym is stoked about her birthday party. John Deere themed! She helped me make everything for the loot bags on Sunday - it was a blast :) I hope she enjoys the party as much as the anticipation!

It's amazing to think that Lake is 3 months tomorrow!! Oh where did the time go!

Speaking of - he just got up - time to fed, change a bum and go get the big girl!

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