Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blood sweat and tears

It's been a crazy month over here... Thankfully most of the craziness is gone, and the rest will evaporated in 48 hours when we board a plane for Texas :)

We had TYm's birthday party on Sunday which was a HUGE success. She was so excited and had such a fantastic time. Unfortunately all the pictures (including 3 weeks worth) got lost in transfer and have vanished so we don't have proof of the amazing sea turtle cake in water, or the john deere decorations or the kids having a blast playing the 2 games we played. Everyone really did have a great time - it was amazing to see these 4 year olds who played games - and understood them! Then wanted more!

Monday we celebrated Meag's birthday with a small supper with Christa, Abby, Pepe and Chrys. It was lovely and low key.

The nights have been tough lately with Mr Lake - he's been sleeping a good 4-5 hour stretch when he goes to bed,but up every hour or more after that. Since he goes to bed at 7pm and I don't, I usually miss out on the only rem cycle I could get.

Of course lastnight he slept like a dream! However the other child didn't. Tym wake up crying and whining by 12. I came down and snuggled her for awhile. At 4 she said she had to pee (after only being asleep for 30 minutes) and proceeded to wet the bed. She was so upset with that. and wouldnn't stop crying. After a bath that she insisted on she went to bed. We gave her some Advil to stop the pain and crying so she would hopefully sleep a little bit.

When they woke up at 7, there was blood coming out of her ear. Talk about freak out! After a quick phone call to remind us that it's OK and it's not ER worthy we are settling into a TV morning and getting ready to go to the clinic for opening.

It's odd because there was no warning signs - she wasn't poking at her ear before the middle of the night, she had no fever or cold. She hasn't been eating great or sleeping great - now we know why!

So let's get that all settled before fun in the sun in 2 days!!! :)

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