Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's hard to beleive that it's already Wednesday - which means we go home soon.

It's been a lovely filled trip so far. Had a BBQ on Sunday with some nice folks - had a couple kids over that Tym had fun with. Monday we packed a picnic in the truck and went to the beach. It was a blast - a little surreal since a lot of the things we went to before was destroyed by hurricane Ike. A lot of the Island still had damage.

Tuesday was a zoo day. It was a lot of fun. Those pictures will be uploaded later on - the ones thus far are up now.

Lake's ear is healing up after some neosporin. However his leg has expolded into yuckiness. The diapers rubbed a blister, and it has since spread into a couple inches long. We are now trying to keep it airred out a lot so that it can heal. If this is what happens in Texas air in march, I am really glad we will not be here in July!

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