Thursday, November 05, 2009

How the time flies....

It's been forever since I've updated the blog - I'm such a bad blogger! I go back to work in less than 6 weeks - is it weird that I will probably have more time to blog at work then at home?? At home if I start a post and can't finish it - I find the 4 year old typing junk when I turn my back - at work I can just leave it till later.

So a lot has changed in the past couple months...

Tym loves school - some days it is a struggle to get her to go to the bus - it's always fun to stay at home and play right? But she hasn't stayed home a day yet and has enjoyed learning and making new friends - and the bus is a highlight as well :) She knows most of her letters and is rhyming all sorts of words together. They are learning about community helpers right now - her favorite stop on her feild trip this week was to the mechanic!

She is in love with princesses - which is lovely. Meag is having a hard time with the fact that all she wants is pink and princesses - the disney princesses at that! But she's her own person and I will make her a princess cake if she wants it at her birthday :)

Dance and swim class are going well - she loves them both. She has turned into a little fish in the water - with goggles will dive and SWIM! last week when we all went, she swam over 5 feet by herself. it was amazing to watch. One of Lake's favorite places to be is in the water with her.

Lake has a tooth!!! It sprouted today. Which makes sense why he's been a bear and nursing all night long the past couple nights. It is his official first tooth - almost 11 months old! He is over 24lbs and quite tall. He is wearing clothes Tym was wearing when she was walking and talking - only 18-24mths for him. He loves to clap and wave. He has started to climb the stairs this week , now he just needs to learn how to crawl down as well! he is standing on his own more and more... He may not be walking by his birthday, but it won't be far off! He eats like he is 2, sleeps like he's a newborn and loves to give huge hugs. Lake loves his sister more than anything - when we wait for the bus the second he sees it, he starts to to point and scream, waiting for her to get off.

I took him to NS for Grampie's funeral last month - and everyone loved him. He was a great traveller and gramma gave him lots of hugs and kisses. Gramma and great Grammie are going to be joining us for Christmas this year. I am very excited, and think it's going to be an amazing year. Not just because my mom and grammie will be here = but I think the kids are going to be amazing! Tym can't decide what she wants from Santa - this will be one of only a couple years that they both beleive - hopefully next year when he starts to understand it she will still beleive :)

It's crazy to me that almost a year has past already... we are planning his birthday party. wow. It's been an amazing year, busy - but amazing. There is nothing like having your kids love you back. I can't wait until Meag is home with them and gets to reveal in the speed of the week passing and the multitude of hugs that she will get as well.

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