Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear Sumo:

11 months my boy! You have laughed, crawled, clapped, and explored your way through life for 11 months already. My how it's gone quickly!

You finally have your first tooth! Much to my delight - I was beginning to get a little concerned you would teeth all your teeth at once and go from a toothless baby to a full set of chompers over-night. Of course this new tooth feels rather funny to you and it didn't take but 36 hours for you to promptly bite your lip to bleeding. Its mate is making waves about breaking through any day now, which would be fine but us as you are completely uninterested in food. That is, unless i am trying to wolf down some dinner while you guys get ready for bed and then you can't get enough of me as you climb my legs looking to "join" me for supper.

This month has been a fantastic one for you and I. Mama has left us to our own devices multiple times for 3-4 hour stretches and two things have happened: a) we've both survived! and b) our bond has become more and more intense. You now look to me just as much as you do Mama , and will cry when I leave the room too. This is a strange and wonderful thing for me as Tym never did this at your age. I do wish I had the magic touch for being able to put you down for your naps or settle you at night. As much as I love bouncing you to sleep Sumo, you do weigh 24 pounds and have caused me a muscle spasm or two in my shoulders. You certainly don't like it when I try to transfer you from my arms to the bed - something we'll have to have a rough lesson with when Mama goes back to work.

About two weeks ago you learned to climb the stairs - of course you decided to do this as we were carving the pumpkins for your first Halloween. I guess that's a good thing since it momentarily distracted you from eating the pumpkin guts and/or throwing them around the kitchen. I don't think Belle is ever going to come near you again after the pumpkin gut toss that landed on her back. You looked ever the brave knight in your costume and had eyes as big as saucers trick or treating.

It's hard for me to think that your first birthday is just around the corner. You bring a smile to face with the mere thought of you and a giggle when I think of all the amazing things you've learned and will learn. Thank you for each and every slobbery kiss, small neck hair pulling hug, and raspberry you've given me.


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michellearchuleta said...

I'd love you to share your story with me for a book that I hope to create. I've been following your blog for what seems like forever before my partner and I decided to have our child. I'm looking to create/ write a book about the various ways that conception / adoption happend for lesbian partents. I'd love to have the stories for both of your children. If you'd like-- you can change names for privacy reason ect.