Monday, December 07, 2009

time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future

Far too much has happened in the past few weeks and the blog has been neglected. At least the blog is neglected and not the kids right!

In 7 short days Deah goes back to work part time until after the Holidays. I know as much as she is looking forward to the adult time (even if it is at work!), there is some sadness at how quickly her year with Lake has gone by.

He is now crawling up and down the stairs perfectly and little too quickly for the cats. Though truth be told, both of us have been know to use Tigger or Belle as motivation for him to move a little more quickly! However the face full of fur once he's "kissed" them is still a tiresome clean up!

Preparations are nuder way for his party on Sat. Much to Tym's disappointment, Lake's puppy cake (and not princess cake like she wanted), should be fantastic. It's been interesting for Deah and I to plan this party. All of Lake's "friends" are the younger sibling's of Tym's friends, so I can see some of Tym's confusion with this party since all her friends will be there as well. She helped pick out some of the decorations and slipped by us a package or two of princess napkins. Oh well - it'll make for a great story at the very least!

Mum and Dad arrive Thursday night and the kids are already bouncing with excitement! Tym's informed us that she won't be going to school on Friday since it's Lake's birthday and Nana and Grandpa are here. It really was a simply battle since Deah and I had already thought she wouldn't go. It's alittle scary how rational her thoughts can be at times!

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