Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Sumo!

I know I am technically a day early in writing this, but we are so busy tomorrow that I didn't want to be a day late.

Your mama and I started playing the "one year ago tonight" game earlier and I was struck by the rawness of my emotions. I could feel my heart begin to pound faster as it did last year knowing Mama was in early labour with you. I can still hear her moans when a contraction came and the (selfish because it wasn't me) thrill of it, knowing that you were now mere hours away. I can still hear your newborn cry and feel the tears in my eyes as I held your hand in mine. I can still smile at the memory of Tym meeting you for the first time and her fascination with your umbilical cord. I can still remember the anticipation of bringing you home and beginning our life as a complete family.

Because Sumo, that is what you have brought to our house: completion. And for that I am forever grateful. So to my favorite lil' man I wish you the most spectacular 1st Birthday! May you know that you are the extra effort I make to get home earlier at night, the extra driving force in being a mother you can be proud of, and the extra smile on my face because you are you.


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