Monday, October 26, 2009

Single Parenting 101

Thanksgiving week was a bit chaotic and classic all at once. Deah made an emergency trip to NS to attend her grampie's funeral. We had briefly kicked around the idea of all of us going but logistics and cash made it impossible. So after explaining things to Tym and having a few cry sessions with her, Deah and Lake flew out on the Tuesday. Up to that point in Tym's life, Deah had never left her behind before. I mean, Tym has been on numerous sleep-overs but that is totally different in the mind of a kid. Deah leaving (!!) her was almost akin to her not coming back. With help from friends and lots of understanding at work, I juggled my schedule to be home for Tym to get on and off the school bus.

SHE WAS AWESOME! I have the most spectacular, wonderful, hilarious daughter ever. We danced, we wrestled, we had a movie night, we turned the couch into a play fort, we told each other fairy tales and we found a local pizzeria that makes a Tym safe pizza. Oh the delight in her eyes when HER pizza was delivered to the door! There were a few trying times, after-all she is 4 and I am a push-over of a parent, but those 5 days of solo Tym time were outstanding! We even had a mini-spa day by getting our hair cut together. This was a bigger event than normal as Tym let our stylist wash her hair for the first time. She loved it! I was ultra-proud and a little sad all at once. For every milestone or big event she has, I'm reminded that she's growing up more and more. Thankfully I still have Lake!

We met Deah and Lake Sat. night at the airport with a huge homemade sign. We watched Deah and Lake come down the escalator to the arrivals level with huge grins. Once they hit the floor, Tym took off like a bolt and launched herself at Deah while I snuck a quick kiss and stole Lake. As great as it is to have the house full and complete again, the solo time with Tym is something I will treasure. She's a fantastic kid and I've never felt more confident that I'm doing a good job with her as I did that week.

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Leslie said...

Way to go, Nutmeag. I knew you could do it, and this is something that Tym will look back on for *years* as a favorite memory with you. I am so sorry that it came because of Deah's grandpa's death, but what a silver lining to a black cloud. Cheers to you, Mummy. :)