Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Sumo:

Once again I am shamefully late in writing your monthly letter. When I figure out how to slow down the day I will be able to write these in a more timely manner.

One week after learning to crawl, you started clapping. And oh the joy you have doing this! I've never been applauded changing a diaper before, but thank you Lake for doing it every time! You've also learned to shake your head "no", which delighted us at first with how cute it is. However it's been a tad frustrating when you do it for everything offered to you at supper time. You're learning the sign for "more" and "all done" and have used each a few times. Tym might be confusing though as she's teaching you her own made up signs.

This month brought you to your first Thanksgiving celebrated with lots of family hang out time and our close friends Beth, Jesse, Annie and Merrie. Unfortunately it also took you to your first funeral as Great Grampie died Oct. 11, 2009. You and Mama flew home in time for the funeral and apparently you looked quite handsome in your suit. Even though you won't remember Great Grampie, he was a fantastic man with a smile that made others smile. Including you. He will be missed, but Mama will keep him in our thoughts with stories for you and Tym.

Lake, you have grown into quite the lil' Sumo now and it's hard for your Mama and I to believe that in 2 short months our roles will be reversing. She will be back to work and I will be staying home for 9 months. I am so very excited to have this time with you, to be there for your milestones. to take you to the park and pull you in a sled, and more importantly... to dance it out when we both need it.


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