Tuesday, January 20, 2009

suck, suck, suck

It's all the boy does!!

Wow - it's been busy around here! I am going to try to make more effort to update, even if they are short.

It's been a busy 2 weeks. Tym's settled into the new routine nicely, and as long as we mention Sunday that tomorrow is a school day - she's all set. She's starting to self play better when we are home as well. Unfortunatly she's getting a bit to much DVD action since the little man needs to sleep.

Lake is fantaastic. Last week he weighed 14lbs! Go boy Go! He is an overall good baby - the only down side is he still takes so long to get down for a nap!! Sometimes he'll only cat nap for hours and be quite cranky. Once he's asleep though, he's usually down for 2+ hours.

Lake is starting to smile! It's awesome! he likes being tickled and will crack one for you. Different than Tym, when she decided to she could turn them on all the time and would - he's taking his time and making you work for them! Silly boy!

I've been getting ready to head to NS Thursday. It should be a good trip. Grampie won't be in Halifax as chemo will be done in Yarmouth. So it'll be good to spend time with him. And mom is tickled pink - even if it's meant she's done a lot of cleaning the past few days... since no one has slept over since we were home last! I've got a few small fun things for Tym for the trip - I am not to worried about the airplane, more so the car ride afterwards and Lake.

Lake seems to not enjoy the car. If he's tired, he'll cry instead of falling asleep. He could be clean, and well fed - and if you're in there for more than 10 minutes, chances are he'll let you know it's time to get out or put something in his mouth... Who knows how long this 3 hour car ride will take.

We've been trying to past 2 days to really get him to take a soother. All he wants to do all day is suck suck suck. He loves the soother when it's in, it's a matter of him taking it more times than not that we are working on. Yesterday he even fell asleep with it! YAY! Hopefully he'll do the same thing on the car ride!

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