Sunday, January 04, 2009

holy cow - how time flies fast! I am at the computer loads - however it's all spent 1 handed while nursing, and I can just imagine how the posts would turn up if I posted using only 1 hand...

Christmas was awesome. We had a very fun filled Xmas eve - did a little shopping in the morning, then went to the mud oven and did some pieces with the kids :) In the evening Scott came over to stay for Santa, and Rocci and Ginger came over for fondue. It was lovely to sit and laugh with them. We gave Tym and Lake their xmas eve presents, which was their matching pj's. Tym picked out cookies for Santa, and fed the reindeer their food. And was out by 8. It was perfect!

Christmas morning started at 7 - not to bad :) Tym came to our room and seen that Santa had eaten the cookies! Santa's been here! She ran to Scott's room to wake him up and the morning started. She was thrilled with the fact that Santa got her the 2 things she asked for... A Dora toothbrush and a Dora House (thank god for consinment stores!). She did very well the all the activity until about 5 presents left... We powered through those and let her bounce from there. She had just started being somewhat normal when Nana and Grampa arrived from Kitchener with just as much stuff as we had started out with under the tree! But Tym loved seeing them and spending a couple days with them.

Xmas eve the boxing day sales started online - and we bought a front loader washer/dryer, 700$ off! Our diapers have never cleaned so fast! it's amazing.

Boxing day was pretty low key, we did hit the mall, but only as a place to get Tym out of the house for a bit. Breakfast at the Bram followed Sat morning - it was awesome to show our favorite waitress the new bundle. Then they all headed to the museum of nature and had a blast. That evening we found a restaurant that Tym can eat at!! Mongolian Village. It was Awesome and yummy!! :) They left the follow morning. All in all it was an awesome visit from them.

They were very generous - and booked Tym, Lake and I tickets to go home to NS this month. My grampie is quite sick, and it would be nice to get home sooner then later. So they booked 2 tickets on points. Thanks guys!

New Years eve the whole house was asleep by 8:30PM. And Lake didn't wake up till after 1. It was amazing!

It's been crazy to watch him grow already. he's changed so much. He's soooo alert and starting to coo a little. And getting big. Some of the sleepers he is in, are 6 month sleepers, and they are not big! it's crazy. He's a great sleeper - once he gets to sleep. Getting to sleep is an effort which will be interesting when it's just me and them home. Yikes!

Tym's been a champ. Albeit a strong willed champ this week. the changes are starting to get to her and she needs to find her new normal. The past 2 days have been better - getting her out of the house is key! And little to no sugar helps! :)

Tomorrow starts our new normal - hopefully it won't take to long to figure out.. Tym will be in daycare mon and tues only. Home with me the rest of the week, and I only have the car on Thursday - which we have swimming class :) In Jan Meag isn't working late much, which is going to be a saving grace... But if you're in the area and want something to do, please let me know and let's schedule it!! :)

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