Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quick update from Nova Scotia...
Thankfully the flu stopped in time for us to travel. Tym was a dream. The flight left an hour and a half late - however there was another 4 year old in the airport and they played for an hour, so the wait wasn't to bad!
The kids did great on the flight - Lake slept well :) And just a fantastic on the drive. Not a tear from anyone.
The trip has been fantastic. the best part was watching Lake fall asleep in Grampie's arms. Grampie looks good - weak and thin but good. Chemo starts in March, hopefully he does well.

Tym has been fantastic, she is homesick and ready to go. I can't blame her since it's been a constant revolving door with new people coming over all the time. Sunday she was introduced to 14 people... poor girl.

Meag sent us lovely flowers which melted my heart.

It's been fantastic to be here, but it will be lovely to be home tomorrow!

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