Sunday, January 11, 2009

This week I had considerably less time at the computer, even 1 handed! This was the first week Tym was only in daycare Monday and Tuesday. Let's just say it was a busy week!

I tried to run as many errands on Monday and Tuesday as I could - so not to worry about it the rest of the week. Wednesday started with a playdate with Santiago and his mom - everyone had a great time. it was nice to talk with Gabe and get adult conversation, and have her snuggle the baby :) Thursday is the only day I have with a car, we drove Meag to work and played at home until it was time for swimming. Tym really enjoyed swimming - there is only 1 other kid in the class and it's her friend Thomas from the neighborhood! Should be a good class :) I forgot how much Tym loves watching the swimmers at Plant - afterwards we had a snack in the viewing area and she played and watched for almost an hour. It was a good time :) Then off to chiro.

Lake's head is forming lovely - and is now at every month for appts. As am I. It's the first time in a long time that we can do monthly family appts again, as appose to someone always having to go more.

Friday Annie and her crew came over. it had been way to long since we had seen them - it was lovely to reconnect.

The weekend has been a blurr as always! Yesterday morning I got out first thing and did groceries - ALL by myself! It was awesome! I think this time around I am going to crave my alone time a little sooner than I did with Tym... it's different having 2 of them on you all day :) Then we headed to Sophie's for a playdate. A great time was had by all - they are due next month, so it's a fortelling to them as to how it's going to be! good luck guys! :)

In the afternoon Meag took Tym swimming with Anna and Oscar, and they had a blast - needless to say Tym was exhausted come bed time and was alseep by 7:30! it's to bad she didn't stay asleep for very long! She was quite restless lastnight and her and Meag didn't sleep well.

Lake is doing fantastic! It's unreal to think that he is a month old today!!! How quickly the time flies. He's a great baby all in all. Poops more then tym ever, but he is a boy afterall! :) He's growing SO big! Midwife on tuesday and we'll know how big! He's awake for a lot longer now already - and still naps really well, once he gets to sleep. It was quite a challenge putting him down for a nap while having Tym home. this week we are going to have to bring out the next size diaper - our 1 month old has outgrown the infant ones!

Tym has settled down into the routine quite well. it's nice to have the holidays over and see things fit into place. She's been listening, mostly Ok. she's been very helpful at the same time. It will be nice to have her at school tomorrow though! :)

I have healed great. So much better than last time. I weighed myself today and I am back at pre-preggo weight... even eating as much crap as I have the past week... Now that most of the chocolate is gone, hopefully I will lose even more! time for more fruit!

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