Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy One Month!

It's been a month since your birth in what seems like a blink of an eye. A month ago tonight (exactly at this time) I was in awe that you were in my arms. I was hiding my exhaustion, glowing with pride and already loving you fiercely. You're birth didn't come without its un-fair share of challenges. I am still working on your birth story for you because of that. As I bounce you to sleep at night I stare into your eyes and feel my heart continue to swell with the wonder of you. You have brought so much joy to our house and our family. You have shown me a side of your sister that I never knew existed in her before - had hoped was there - but didn't actually know it was there.

At times I get caught up thinking about how great in life you will be. I sometimes forge ahead and wonder what you will do, where you will go and whom in this world you will encounter. And then I see your crystal blue eyes staring back at me with just the hint of a smile in them, and I remember to hold you a little more tightly, smell your head a little more deeply, and cherish this moment a little longer.

I love you Lake. I'm so glad you're here!


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