Thursday, June 04, 2009

A time for Firsts

Lake has been quite the busy lad the past few days. He has hit many milestones none of which have made me stop looking and him and wishing he would slow down a little. I'm having quite the difficult time with him growing up so quickly.

He is sitting up by himself in the bath tub. Which nearly made Deah cry when I called her in to see him. Though she then quickly read me the riot act as he proceeded to fall over and clunk his head. In my defense, he was straining around trying to look at the toy Tym was showing him. As Deah is calming Lake down from his noggin' knockin' telling me I am to stand much closer next time so it doesn't happen again, Tym jumps in the middle of us and says "No Mama! Mummy didn't do anything. Baby Boy did it all by himself!" Thanks Tym for coming to my rescue.

Lake was also introduced to apple sauce yesterday. He made his desire for food very clear by grabbing Deah's banana and showing a piece in his mouth earlier in the day. He didn't seem that impressed with the banana, though the apple sauce was only mildly better. His face was more "I'm not sure of the texture" than anything else. That and Tym feed him his first spoonful - which nearly ended in his eye. I love that she wants to help so much but OY!

And Lake has fully recovered from his cold from hell. I swear when he decides to do something, he's gonna do it right. His first cold was certainly a bad one as Deah and I traded off 3 nights of sleeping sitting up with him on our chests, just so he could breath. However, seeing his lovely smile and shriek of delight again makes the neck and back pain fade away a little.

Finally, Lake has started giving hugs and kisses. Though they are more like "I am grabbing onto the tiny hairs at the nape of your neck which will force you towards me so I can then chew on your chin, or slime you with my drool". Either way - it's pretty amazing to have those tiny hands cling to you and want you near.

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