Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Muskoka family get-a-way

Once again we headed out in the middle of beautiful nowhere with our friends Beth and Jesse and their 2 kids Annie and Meredith. It was a nice way to break in the new mini-van with a fantastic drive through Algonquin Provincial Park. We had a great tail-gate pic-nic there and saw a moose as well. The Loser Cruiser - well I can admit it has its advantages for long drives. The main one being the lack of screaming from Lake. What a treat that was! Tym and Annie did awesome playing together all weekend from roasting marshmallows, starting the morning fire, playing dress-up and making salt dough. It was a fantastic family get-a-way with great friends.

I actually had the better part of a week and half off so I was spoiled with lots of Lake time. It was awesome! Something happened with him and I during my time off as we seemed to bond more and understand each other. I know it sounds odd, but there is nothing like your son literally flailing about in excitement when he sees you when previously he didn't react like that. I'm now able to bounce or sway him to sleep no problem (as long as he has a full belly of course!) and he loves to "fly" just as much as Tym did. His interest in food is still ridiculous but he is not actually ready for it yet. When we've spoon fed him breast milk or his teething meds he spits out the majority of it with a look of "what the hell is this? Just give me the spoon to suck on!"

Lake's sitting up on his own albeit he's still a little tipsy at times. I had him sitting in the grass for the first time and the look of awe on his face was humbling. He just stared at the grass and slowly moved his hand amongst the blades. He is also weighing in at just shy of 20 lbs. It's nice that he's slowed down a bit in his weight gain and is staying even in his clothes lately.

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Leslie said...

That's ok, Lakie. I have trouble sitting up when I'm tipsy, too.

Uncle Leslie