Saturday, June 13, 2009

6 Months!

Dear Sumo:

6 months have flown by in a heartbeat. The changes in you from 8 p.m Dec.11 2008 have humbled and astonished me.

You are fully sitting up on your own with a wicked lunge/3 point stance when something catches your eye that's out of reach. You have a personal fancy for gnawing on Mama's chin though the kisses you give me are not far behind. Dancing with Tym is your all time favorite activity. It is not so much a laugh as a high pitched shriek of delight when we do this. We've started giving you some food (apple sauce and banana). You're not quite sure about eating but your curiosity is never ending. It is now impossible to have a drink or eat a snack while holding you. You've come to close to drinking/spilling a latte, steak and or beer lately! When you need a change in pace taking you up to our room and giving you some naked time makes all the difference. Rolling around, playing airplane and trying to get at the cats simply does it for you Sumo.

You've come so far in 6 short months my lil' man - may the next 6 be just as adventurous but a little slower in passing.


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