Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear Sumo:

Today is a huge milestone for you. You have been in this world for as long as Mama was prego with you. And dear Sumo you've already given us a huge celebration: you learned to crawl on Sept. 9th, 2009. I honestly didn't think you would crawl as you've been far too content finger walking around the house with us. But there is a part of me that is very excited for your crawling, because now my back won't ache from walking with you.

It's been a bit of a rough month for you. A suspected teething induced double ear infection, your first true fever, and a pretty bad sinus infection. All this has meant that no one has really slept well in almost 2 weeks. Coupled with Mama and I trying a new bedtime and night-time routine with you in hopes of you actually sleeping a solid night through. Needless to say, there were allot of tears and frustration on all our parts this month. However the delight in your eyes and your huge toothless grin as you crawled around you sister's room and the hallway, put everyone's tiredness at bay. I only wish you hadn't decided to learn this on the same day that Tym started school. It was a little extra emotional for Mama and I. Out first born is truly a big kid now and our baby is taking steps to growing up as well.

But son, all your accomplishments make my heart swell with love and pride. Grow as you might, you will always be my lil' Sumo.

Happy 9 months Lake!

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