Wednesday, September 09, 2009

To many things running through my head... I haven't posted in forever - it was a very busy and wonderful summer.... I've just uploaded pictures in August and Sept.

Today was a big day.

  • Tym started school - decided she didn't want us to drive her and took the bus. All by herself. I went to pick her up, she took the bus, I drove home by myself.

  • Lake crawled from the bathroom to Tym's bed 4 times in as many minutes.

Time is passing way to quickly - my babies are growing way to quick... I need a pause button.

(however I am not rethinking a third - as sad as I am that they are growing, I am tired! lake's double ear infection helps with that!)

I will post more next week when I have time as Tym will be gone 4 hours everyday!

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