Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Too much news for one post

So many things to blog about so little time. I knew it would be chaotic with 2 kids and me working full time but not having time to update the blog was one thing I didn't count on.

Lake is now 7.5 months old and thriving! He has learned how to scoot himself backwards while sitting which meant that Deah and I quickly got our arses in gear to get the baby gates up. With help from Abbie 2 of 4 gates are up and withstood the Sumo shake (meaning he didn't pull them out of the walls yet!) He is still a terrible sleeper with a REM cycle being something of a distant memory. But oh how he loves food - all food! Doesn't matter what it is, just let him eat it - and NOW! Lake is defiantly a better eater then Tym ever was and is far less picky as well. Though I do draw the line at him making a grab for my ice cream - not yet lil' Sumo - all in due time.

Tym is now home full time with Deah and it's going pretty well. They have lots of play dates lined up every week and Tym actually went to her first camp last week. We put her in gymnastics camp and she loved it! It was great to see her excited for something in the day again, and more importantly excited to be going to gymnastics again. Next up is swimming camp in Aug. which she'll be doing with 2 of her friends from her day care.

Last week we saw an ear, nose and throat specialist for Tym. Last fall we noticed that she was constantly asking for the volume to be turned up on the stereo or TV. Then in March when her ear drum ruptured, we noticed she was having a really hard time hearing us. I know she's 4 and at times it is very much selective hearing, but you know that glazed look a person gets when they have no clue you've been speaking to them and then they finally realize you've been yelling their name 4 times and are ready to string them up from the balcony? Well that was happening a lot with Tym. So we mentioned it to our nurse practitioner and she did a small hearing test that warranted seeing an E.N.T/audiologist. So the results from the audiologist testing her last week showed a fluid buildup in both ears with mild hearing loss in the left and mild to moderate loss in the right. Which I find interesting because it was her left ear that ruptured but her right has a greater loss. We don't know if this is something that will repair itself, if the loss is due to the fluid build-up, or if it'll get worse. We were given some guidance on how to approach things with her to make life a little easier and little less yelling. Simple measures like making sure she is looking at you before speaking, speaking slowly, reading to her on her "good ear" side. She'll be re-tested in Nov. to see where things are at.

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Leslie said...

I'm sorry to hear about Tym's hear loss. I hope that the doctors are spot on in that it will correct itself. You'll be in my thoughts.