Tuesday, February 02, 2010

We all came down with the flu within 48 hours. Thankfully it didn't last to long - Tym was only down for a day, and totally fine after that. Lake resumed his regular teething schedule afterwards.

It's crazy to think that Feb is already here! Next weekend Beth and the gang will be here, which will be a blast. Winterluding if the weather is nice. Museum or swimming or something else fun as well. Tym's been talking about them a lot and misses them, so it'll be good for them to have some play time.

Tym has been enjoying the Rainbow Fairies series of books. Small chapter books - they went to Chapters after gymnastics yesterday and she spent the last of her gift card from Grampa and got a sticket book about them.

it's truly amazing to watch her grow into a kid (sometimes with the attitude to go with it!) She is loving gymnastics, can't wait to have her party there (princess theme of course!) She seems to be settling more into school and enjoying it and the kids more.

Lake is a toddler. There I said it. He's getting tall and the chub is getting long - he's walking everywhere and getting into everything. he can sign, when he feels like it. He can eat like a champ, if he feels like it. he loves blowing kisses, giving hi-5's and props.

Meag is loving being at home with them - which is amazing to see. It's amazing to see that she's still the favorite, even though she's home most of the time.

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Annie said...

glad to hear the Rainbow Fairies books have been such a hit :)