Friday, February 26, 2010

The Ides of March

March isn't even here, but I'm already dreading it to a certain extent. March is so busy... it really starts in Feb with parties for friends - in an 9 week span I think there are 10 birthdays that help celebrate, including Tym and Meag. No wonder I haven't even thought about our 9 year anniversary!

lake has figured out that if he moves a stool over, he can climb, then reach things we've put out of his reach.. hence the huge goose egg on his head from bringing Tym's VTech computer on his head yesterday.

He is OBSESSED with the vacunm. a week ago he was scared of it, now it's a huge game. He loves the nozzle stuck to him, or anyone. He loves vacunming the floor. After an hour of playing when you go to put it away, he cries. A lot.

We had a great visit with Beth and family. Julia followed Tym around none stop. They all played hard and slept great. We played at Ikea and went to the Science and Tech museum. We ate, a lot. it was fun.

We've been watching the Olympics - last night had the Clake-Ward's over to watch the women win Gold. it was awesome :) It will be lovely when it's done tho, so we can start to get some sleep!

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