Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hot tubs and new favorites

What a wonderful weekend we had.

Friday we all packed in the car and picked up Scott - and headed for a cottage 35 minutes away. It was divine! The only down side was the water was quite a hike away - down a mountain side. But the hot tub more than made up for it! Nothing quite like getting in the hot tub at 8:30 after a lovely breakfast. We spent 2 lovely days relaxing and eating. Don't worry folks - the hot tub was turned down before I went into it, it was like a large lovely bath :)

Tym LOVED the hottub! And her new found best friend Uncle Scooter! They had lots of fun playing in the water - she 'swam' from one side to the other. It was awesome to see her love of water come out. The only downside for Tym for the weekend (besides leaving!) was the huge thunderstorm on Sat night. There is nothing quite like a storm when you are on a quite mountain. The lighting was spectacular, the thunder ear popping. The kid - scared shitless!

After coming back into town Sunday - we discovered Belle missing. Meag finally found her a couple yards away, stuck unable to come back. We later discover that Abby and Christa must have let her out when they were over Friday night to use the BBQ.

Monday was an errand day. Both Meag and I had the day off. Groceries and the mall. I finally found panel shorts! :) And they were on sale!!! YAY! Old navy didn't have them last month, I am glad they were there this month! So much more comfortable now!

Tym has a new best friend - Mel's friend Laurel who came back with her for the week. After spending a couple hours with her Monday night - come yesterday downtown celebrating Canada day they were 2 peas in a pod. We spent yesterday morning downtown - Tym loved the festivities! The horses and mounties were a huge hit, as well as the parade and buskers. We headed home after the snow birds.

By 3 in the afternoon Meag was in the kiddy pool by herself with a beer again. It was funny. Then Mel and Laurel came over as well - and it didn't take them to long to get in the pool in there undies either! I have to upload some fun pictures of tym in the pool with them throwing water everywhere! Tym had a blast!

After way to much food last night ( thanks for the Tart Christa! ) and a good sleep - I am still exhausted!

On another note - I successfully made very yummy cinnamon rolls and a chocolate cake wheat and dairy free this weekend!!! YAY :)

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Jesse said...

so glad I wasn't the one who let Belle out!