Wednesday, July 09, 2008

to damn hot!

So Tym hasn't been to school yet this week - We knew that she was cooking something on Sunday - didn't think it was much. Most times when she's wonky it goes away after a good sleep , or it's a food reaction.

Meag wanted to take a play day on Monday with her, and they went to the Nature Museum with Annie and Jesse. Apparently she was even more off then. By Monday night when I got home it was clear she was sick. And has had a fever ever since. When we called her into school yesterday they asked about the vomitting and diarhea - thankfully we have none of that. Just a very hot girl, in very hot weather. it's yucky!!

It looks like the fever broke some time last night. But she's hardly eaten in 3 days and is still quite cranky - so she's home again. Hopefully the fever doesn't come back today!

Yesterday we went to the naturopath and got her allergy testing results. It was as expected on some - and others floored us!

Cow Milk

No wonder the rash hasn't gone away! Never have we stopped cooking with garlic!! So we will stop using that for awhile and see what happens with the rash. We are going to stay away from most cow dairy for a bit. She wasn't postivie on them, but reactive. So until we get it under control, we are staying away. But overall - we can deal with that :)

We are slowling getting things ready for Friday when we move out for a week - can't wait to have the new floors and bathroom though!! :)

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