Monday, July 21, 2008

We are back in!

Well folks, we are finally back at our house. I do miss hotel living however - someone to clean up and give you fresh towels everyday... It's also stress free - you don't feel obligated to do 1000 different projects since you're not home. Meag cleaned up mostly from the reno on Friday and we moved back home on Saturday. Our new floors are lovely. The bathroom is nice, except for a few small things to touch up. It needs a new coat of paint, since the off white with the blue floors and counter makes it look like someone pee'd everywhere. Anywho.. We are just glad to be back in our space.

Tym was stoked to be home and has enjoyed running around with all her stuff. We picked up most of the paint for the baby's room this weekend - and Tym wants to paint it NOW! (It will wait until the long weekend) Last night we started cleaning up the baby's room - which also had us going through some clothes bins of Tym's; deciding what is good for a boy, and what is not. OYE! That was tough. So many of her girly clothes are sooo cute. And now we are going to give them away. Well not quite give them - we are going to take them to Boomerang to sell, so we can get a credit and buy the boy some cutie stuff... It's just hard to part with some of these clothes. And these clothes are all 2ish years old clothes - her smaller clothes are going to be even harder to go through. We will do that once we've painted and can leave some stuff upstairs.

Of course now there are a tons of projects that we need to get moving on and done in the next couple months - and figuring out exactly what ones we want to do now verus later. Mel is back in town this week - YAY :) And she'll be here for my birthday celebrations again this year, which is awesome :)

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