Tuesday, July 29, 2008

it's been a busy week since I lost my feet!

I ended up taking a day off last week to just put my feet up and let the swelling come down. After 24 hours of doing nothing they looked much better. Of course after a busy birthday weekend they are somewhat swollen again - they don't ache yet though.

Friday night Mel, Laurel, Christa and Abby came over for drinks - it was a lot of fun laughing at everyone! Saturday night we had a potluck chocolate party -it was a good time with lots of yummy food that had chocolate in it. It was awesome to see how inventive everyone got! Sunday brunch with the 4 girls at the house and supper at Matt and Sarah's lead to yesterday morning being very hard to get up from!!

But it was a wonderful birthday weekend. I got a food processor - and we made hummus Sunday - Tym was very excited about that, since she hasn't has humus for over a month. I am excited to make other things as well - should be fun :) I also got money towards a new blender - one that will crush ice really well :) Just gotta find it.

Tonight 5 of us are going to the The Dark Knight on IMAX. Should be a fantastic time!!

This weekend is the long weekend.. it's amazing to know that August is already here! This weekend we are going to get the base coats of paint up in newton's room - and slowly work on the animals on the wall in the coming weeks. And hopefully do some relaxing!

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Jesse said...

I`m sorry. I don't know if I can be your friend anymore--you had a chocolate potluck party & I wasn`t invited??

Just kidding--hope it was fun!